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Credit: Bahudhara / CC by 4.0
Feature: Women in Science: A New Frontier in Australia
The role of women in Australian science has been a contested arena, a place of major contributions yet of cultural disparity. The recent adoption of the SAGE initiative offers a route to greater gender equity in an innovative nation.
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Cool Careers: A Career Begins by Candlelight
Robyn Arianrhod studies general relativity and writes books on the history of science, but it is her own history that is most unusual.
Directions: Enhancing Women’s Career Prospects
Women need better career options and more control over their professional lives.
Directions: We Need to Keep Women in Focus as Change Agents
Not because we should, but because we must – for innovation’s sake.
Directions: Women Face a Thicket of Obstacles
Gender equality in science, technology and engineering will be a long process.
Directions: Changing the Way We Do Things
We need to have a critical mass of women in key roles.