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Browse: 10% of Wilderness Lost in Two Decades Browse: Oil Spill Rehab Is Worth It
Credit: davemhuntphoto/Adobe
Feature: Reproductive Threats to Australia’s Marsupials
Chemicals used in agriculture, industry and household goods can have effects on marsupial fertility as profound as sex reversal.
Browse: Call to Minimise Drone Impact on Wildlife
Browse: Dingo Baiting Doesn’t Harm Wildlife
Feature: The Illegal Wildlife Trade as a Source of New Alien Species
The illegal wildlife trade is increasing the likelihood that foreign reptiles will become established in the wild – with consequences for both biodiversity and human health.
Feature: To Feed or Not To Feed? The Impacts of Backyard Bird Feeders
Bird feeding is a popular way for people to interact with urban wildlife, but what are the consequences for birds, bird populations and native biodiversity as a whole?
Feature: How Far Does Your Cat Roam?
It’s 10 pm. Do you know where your cat is? Would you believe it could roam up to 30 km in a week?
Credit: Bernard Dupont
Feature: Know Your Enemy
An ingenious experiment has tested whether shared evolutionary history enables bilbies to detect threats from dingoes but not feral cats.
Credit: Philip Roetman
Feature: The Koala Conundrum
Wildlife managers believe that overabundant koala populations need to be culled before they strip the manna gums in which they live and begin to starve, but will the public accept culling koalas and other wildlife species, such as kangaroos and brumbies?
Feature: The Guts of the Captive Breeding Problem
The discovery that captivity affects the internal organs of animals has significant implications for their successful reintroduction to the wild.
Feature: How Oil Palm Can Become More Ecologically Friendly
Oil palm is not a suitable habitat for most terrestrial mammals, but there are ways to improve it and promote the conservation value of these landscapes.
Browse: Ignorance about Animal Diseases Leaves Humans at Risk Browse: Cockies Win, Swallows Lose when Roos Come to Town
Browse: Animals Spread Parasite Eggs in Water Catchments conSCIENCE: Kangaroos Can Be an Asset Rather Than a Pest
Kangaroo harvesting is not a commercial option for landholders, resulting in greater animal welfare issues for the kangaroos that are culled on private land.
Eco Logic: Grow Your Own
Collaborative wildlife gardening programs engage residents to manage their land and achieve landscape-focused conservation goals.
Up Close: Natural value: Pricing ecosystems, and its implications for conservation policy
Conservation ecologist Assoc. Prof. Brendan Wintle considers the difficult questions and dilemmas that arise in decisions around species and ecosystem conservation, and whether a monetary value can or should be applied to nature.
Up Close: Hello, Pet! Our love can hurt our animal friends
Bioethicist Peter Sandøe discusses our complicated relationship with animals and the associated moral dilemmas, including how our love for companion animals can actually cause harm and the difference between society’s treatment of pets and production animals.
Up Close: The necessity of kindness: Altruism in animals and beyond
Evolutionary biologist and historian of science Prof Lee Dugatkin joins Dr Andi Horvath to discuss displays of altruism in insects, animals and humans, and how the often harsh evolutionary imperatives of survival can actually accommodate, promote or depend on acts of kindness and justice.