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Articles related to whales

Browse: Huge Tooth Reveals Prehistoric Moby Dick in Melbourne Browse: DNA Test for Humpback Age
Scientists have developed the first DNA-based test for estimating the age of humpback whales by examining age-related changes in the DNA of skin samples collected from live whales using biopsy darts.
Browse: Mother Whale’s Cultural Traditions Shape the Genetics of Offspring
A pygmy blue whale. Credit: research team
Feature: DNA Gives Hope to Blue Whales
A DNA study has determined whether the low genetic diversity of Australia’s blue whales was caused by past natural events or recent whaling, and offered hope for their long-term survival.
Browse: Prehistoric Whale Fossil Reveals How Whales Evolved Baleen conSCIENCE: Whales and Sharks Must Be Protected from Global Shipping
Road ecology is being applied to shipping routes to stop marine giants from becoming “roadkill”.
Eureka!: Dung Beetles Navigate Using the Milky Way
Dung deetles navigate using the Milky Way, and scientists analyse a dead whale’s ear wax to reveal its exposure to hazardous chemicals.
Expert Opinion: The Persistent Killer of Killer Whales
Killer whales are at risk due to PCB contamination despite a near-global ban more than 30 years ago. The threat affects more than half of the world’s orcas, and whale populations near industrialised regions and at the top of the food-chain are at a high risk of population collapse over the next 100 years.
Browse: Whale's Wails Are Out of Tune