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Articles related to wastewater

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Feature: This Little Piggie Went Wee Wee Wee
Microalgae strains that can survive the extreme conditions in piggery effluent could not only clean up the wastewater but also reduce greenhouse emissions, provide a source of biofuel and even be fed back to the pigs.
Browse: Deadly Diarrhoea Caused by Wastewater on Crops
The use of wastewater to irrigate vegetable crops in developing countries may significantly contribute to deadly health risks such as rotavirus.
Browse: Chemicals Undergo Toxic Inversion
Pharmaceuticals in wastewater can become converted to toxic forms.
Directions: Water Recycling: It’s Time to Go “Direct”
Water supply and wastewater systems are kept separate, but a report into water recycling finds this is no longer the best option.
Directions: Our Wastewater Is a Valuable, Recoverable Resource
Australia can quickly turn our wastewater from a burden to a benefit.
Online Feature: UN forecasts rising reuse of wastewater for agriculture
World lacks data on "massive potential resource", with only 4% of wastewater reused.