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Credit: Mopic
Feature: Welcome to the Anthropocene
Say goodbye to the Holocene. Later this year a new epoch might be formally recognised.
Photo: Denice Askebrink
Feature: Garbage Guts
Why are turtles attempting to eat shopping bags, balloons and other forms of human rubbish in preference to natural food sources?
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conSCIENCE: The Unintended Consequences of Reducing Food Waste
With the global human population continuing to outpace agricultural production, we may need to reduce the amount of food that we waste. But what will be the unintended consequences for wildlife that depend on food waste?
Lowe Tech: Recycling Efforts Wasted
Householders might decide it’s not worth the trouble sorting their waste.
Lowe Tech: The War on Plastic
Our present epoch has been called the Anthropocene because of the dominance of human activity, but perhaps it should be called the Plasticine.
Only five percent of tyres are recycled locally in Australia. Picture: Boomerang
Feature: Turning Old Tyres into New Roads
With millions of tyres dumped in Australia, a new innovation could turn used tyres into permeable surfaces - helping the environment and our future infrastructure