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Credit: Gino Santa Maria
Cover Story: Predicting Pandemics
Which factors determine whether an emerging virus is likely to burn out or spread like wildfire between people?
An aphid is tethered by a gold wire
Feature: Plant Viruses Threaten Crops as Climate Warms
Climate change will exacerbate the spread of a virus that reduces the yield of infected wheat by 70%.
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Browse: Mosquitoes Engineered to Resist Zika Virus Up Close: Going viral: Global food security under threat from crop and livestock diseases
Virologist and infectious diseases expert Prof John Fazakerley details the myriad threats to the global food supply from pathogen infestations in crops and livestock, and how new genetic and surveillance technologies are lending hope to keeping them in check.
Online Feature: A new branch of life found in a pond in Melbourne
Pandoravirus promises future surprises
Online Feature: First estimate of total viruses in mammals
Scientists estimate there are at least 320,000 mammalian viruses, and identifying them could help mitigate disease outbreaks for a fraction of the economic impact of a major pandemic like SARS.
Online Feature: Ancient viruses sound scary, but there's no need to panic
Can ancient human viruses uncovered by drilling in permafrost cause a modern pandemic?