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Articles related to violence

Browse: Pet Fractures Identify Domestic Violence Browse: Video Violence Lowers Self-Esteem
People see themselves as less humane after playing the violent games.
Browse: Alcohol Availability Makes Sexual Assault More Likely Expert Opinion: Do Soft Drinks Lead to Teen Violence?
A study published in Injury Prevention suggests a link between high fizzy soft drink consumption and violence among teenagers, but how strong is the evidence?
Simon Says: Not Understanding Terror
Science is not up to the challenge of divining the behavioural roots of Islamic terrorism.
Online Feature: Climate strongly affects human conflict
The Earth's climate plays a more influential role in human affairs than previously thought – both now and in ancient times.
Online Feature: Temper trap: the genetics of aggression and self-control
A new study concludes that people who are genetically predisposed toward aggression have inefficient functioning in brain regions that control emotions.