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Browse: Komodo Dragon Myth Slain
One of the best-known stories about Komodo dragons has been proven false, yet it has been surprisingly hard to gain acceptance for the new evidence.
Browse: Venoms Don’t Lose Their Bite
A box of long-lost venom samples has proven to be a treasure-trove with the potential to provide new drugs and improve our understanding of snake evolution.
Browse: Trade Winds Predict Blooms of Irukandji Jellyfish Browse: Vinegar Exacerbates Jellyfish Stings
While vinegar is currently the recommended first aid treatment for box jellyfish stings in tropical Australia, new research published in the Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal has found that it can increase discharge of the creature’s venom.
Browse: A Diabetes Treatment from Snail Venom Browse: Scorpion Venom Unlocked
The first comprehensive study of the venom of Australian scorpions has helped understanding of the evolution of these creatures, and may lead to painkilling medications.
Browse: Chronic Pain Relief Gets Legs
A molecule in the venom of certain centipedes could be used as a powerful pain reliever without the side-effects associated with the drugs currently available.
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Feature: Fighting Creepy with Crawly
The Australian sheep industry is crippled by drug-resistant parasitic worms, but the unique chemistries in spider venoms are showing promise as a new class of drenching agent.
Browse: New Painkiller from Fanged Fish’s Heroin-Like Venom Browse: Tarantulas Milked for Novel Insecticide in Venom
A component of tarantula venom can kill common insect pests that eat it, opening up the possibility of an insecticide with fewer environmental problems than those on the market.
Browse: Pythons Trick Doctors
The saliva from pythons, and possibly other non-venomous snakes, can trigger cross-reactions in venom detection kits, leading to the wasteful use of antivenoms.
Browse: Vampire Bat Venom Could Reduce Blood Pressure
Vampire bats could be good for the heart, with their venom showing potential against high blood pressure, according to research published in the Journal of Proteomics by A/Prof Bryan Fry of the University of Queensland.
Browse: Tarantula Venom May Block Chronic Pain Browse: Jellyfish Venom “Milked”
Browse: Scorpions Adjust Venom to Predators and Prey Browse: Snake Peptide Puts the Bite on Superbugs
Browse: Hormone in Platypus Venom Could Treat Diabetes Online Feature: Tarantula venom: a new selective, effective edible insecticide
An environmentally-friendly insecticide has been developed from the venom of a native Australian tarantula.
Browse: Epilepsy Cure from a Tarantula