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Articles related to urban planning

conSCIENCE: Science Needs a Central Place in the New Urban Agenda
More of the global population is becoming concentrated in cities yet science has been largely excluded from global urbanisation planning.
Directions: We Need Better Infrastructure Decisions and Planning
Leaders must think strategically about how to plan, fund and implement infrastructure projects.
Eco Logic: Injecting Biodiversity into City Spaces
Cities planning to adapt to climate change should take biodiversity along for the ride.
Lowe Tech: Hands Up If You Want to Store Our Nuclear Waste
The federal Government has called for volunteers to site a nuclear waste repository.
Up Close: Vigor in the ville: Creating cities that promote health and well-being
Urban public health expert Billie Giles-Corti discusses how a rigorous, evidence-based approach to urban policy and city planning can help bring long-term benefits for physical and mental health and well-being.
Online Feature: We must plan the driverless city to avoid being hostage to the technology revolution