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Articles related to urban development

Browse: Canal Housing Releases Carbon Stored in Estuaries conSCIENCE: Mega-Banks Unleash an Infrastructure Tsunami
The rise of investment bank lending for infrastructure projects in developing countries is driving a “feeding frenzy” of developments with lower environmental controls.
conSCIENCE: Science Needs a Central Place in the New Urban Agenda
More of the global population is becoming concentrated in cities yet science has been largely excluded from global urbanisation planning.
Directions: We Need Better Infrastructure Decisions and Planning
Leaders must think strategically about how to plan, fund and implement infrastructure projects.
Eco Logic: Tall or Sprawl?
How should we grow Australia’s cities to minimise their biodiversity impacts?
Eco Logic: Tidal Flats Are Disappearing
The world is losing its tidal flats at an alarming rate, putting enormous pressure on threatened migratory birds.
Eco Logic: Restoring Urban Drains to Living Streams
A creek restoration in a Perth suburb has increased the median home price within 200 metres of the project by around 5%.
Eco Logic: Injecting Biodiversity into City Spaces
Cities planning to adapt to climate change should take biodiversity along for the ride.
Lowe Tech: Sea Change Threatened by Coastal Development
Coastal communities are battling to retain their natural assets in the face of increasing tourism and residential developments.
Lowe Tech: A Bullet Train to Somewhere
A strong case has been made for a high-speed rail network passing within 50 km of 60% of Australians.