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Browse: Low Blood Sugar in Newborns Linked to Later Difficulties Browse: Fructose Hits Sweet Spot
Sweet tooth
Feature: Ancient Skeletons Reveal the Cost of a Sweet Tooth
A genetic study of ancient oral bacteria in the calcified dental plaque of human skeletons shows that our ancestors had healthier mouths than us.
Credit: Yurok Aleksandrovich
Feature: Sugar Cravings
We all differ in our sensitivity to natural and artificial sweeteners, but how much of this is genetic and how much due to the influences of our sugar-fuelled culture?
Browse: Artificial Sweeteners Trip Appetite Control Mechanisms
 Credit: Frog 974/Adobe
Cover Story: Could Sugarcane Prevent Diabetes?
When sugar is refined we are discarding antioxidants that not only temper metabolic diseases but can also restore insulin production.
Feature: Weighty  Issues
Is a switch to artificial sweeteners a smart alternative to sugar?
Browse: Sugar Shrinks the Brain
High blood sugar levels, even within what is considered the normal range, can contribute to dementia, a study published in Neurology suggests.
Browse: Sugar Really Does Make You Fat
A connection between sugar consumption and obesity may not seem like news, but a review of 68 studies on the topic has produced results that are likely to influence public health policies.
Browse: A Pill to Treat Sugar Addiction
Eureka!: Cockroaches Quit Sugar
Cockroaches have learnt to avoid sugar, rendering many baits ineffective.
Eureka!: Angry at Your Spouse? When Did You Last Eat?
Lower levels of blood sugar make us more likely to lash out, and the people we lash out at are often those we hold closest to our hearts.
Expert Opinion: Is Sugar as Toxic as Alcohol?
Experts evaluate a commentary published in Nature* arguing that added sweeteners pose dangers to health that justify controlling them like alcohol.
Expert Opinion: Too Much Added Sugar for Young Australians
Preliminary research presented at the annual congress of the Australia and New Zealand Obesity Society suggests that intake of “added” sugars is above recommended levels for more than half of young Australians.
Expert Opinion: WHO Releases Sugar Guidelines
The World Health Organization has recommended that adults and children reduce their daily intake of sugars, excluding sugar in fruits, vegetables and milk, to less than 10% of their total energy intake. Halving this to six teaspoons per day would provide additional health benefits.
Expert Opinion: Can You Outrun an Unhealthy Diet?
An editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has blamed excess sugar and carbohydrates, and not a lack of exercise, behind the surge in obesity.
The Fit: Pure, White, But Maybe Not So Deadly
Is there something uniquely unhealthy about sugar above and beyond the excess calories?
Naked Skeptic: The Sweet, Simple Things of Life
From artificial sweeteners to fruit, sugars give wellness warriors a sugar high.
Up Front: Obesity Is Winning the Hunger Games
Can a sugar tax save us if obesity has already permanently suppressed the satiety signals that tell us to stop eating?
Up Front: A Sour Taste from Artificial Sweeteners
The food industry has been accused of influencing research that it sponsors.
Online Feature: Sugar is toxic to mice in 'safe' doses
Three soft drinks daily affect lifespan, reproduction
Online Feature: Sweet enough? Separating fact from fiction in the sugar debate
What is the scientific evidence for reducing the WHO's recommended maximum sugar intake?
Feature: Australian sugary drinks tax could prevent thousands of heart attacks and strokes and save 1600 lives
A 20% rise in the price of soft drinks and flavoured mineral waters would save lives and reduce cardiovascular disease in Australia.