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Browse: Gene Editing of Stem Cells Hastened Browse: Growing a Human Heart, One Embryonic Cell at a Time
pancreatic stem cells
Feature: Adult Stem Cells Offer New Hope for Diabetics
The transplantation of insulin-producing cells has been limited by a shortage of donor tissue. Could pancreatic stem cells offer a way forward for the treatment of diabetes?
Feature: The Stem Cell “Sell”
The unfettered commercial environment that has allowed stem cell tourism to flourish must be challenged, and the professionals who enable it should be held to account.
Browse: Placental Tissue Gives Gift of Life a Second Time Browse: Stem Cells Boost Muscular Dystrophy Prospects
Australian company Genea Biocells has achieved a world-first by turning human embryonic stem cells into skeletal muscle cells in an efficient and scalable manner.
Feature: New Blood
Chemotherapy takes a huge toll on the immune system, but new research into blood stem cell proliferation could improve the recovery of patients.
Feature: Stem Cells Short-Circuit Nerve Diseases
Brain stem cells can be stimulated to produce cells that insulate neurons, offering hope for patients with multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.
Browse: Stem Cell Mutations Explored
Why do some stem cells acquire genetic mutations when cultured?
Browse: Dental Stem Cells Treat Stroke
Browse: Australia Targeted by Under-regulated Stem Cell Clinics Browse: Edited Stem Cells Correct Kidney Disease
conSCIENCE: Stem Cell Loophole Must Be Closed
Unproven stem cell treatments are being offered in Australia without regulatory oversight.
conSCIENCE: Stem Cell Industry Must Tread a Fine Line
The emerging stem cell industry needs to be able to fast-track therapies into clinical trials without clearing the way for clinics to offer unproven therapies to vulnerable patients.
Expert Opinion: Stem Cells Reset Inside Mice
Spanish researchers have successfully reset stem cells so they can become any cell type within the bodies of live mice, bypassing the need for transplantation.
Naked Skeptic: Stem Cell Promises Give Way to Abuses
Stem cell tourism employs the same tactics as the cancer quackery industry to exploit the hopes of people desperate for cures of serious medical conditions.
Quandary: Is the End Coming for Embryonic Stem Cells?
Embryonic stem cell research is looking increasingly like a dead end as clinical trials are cancelled in favour of adult stem cells.
Quandary: Stem Cell Researchers Win Nobel Prize
The development of induced pluripotent stem cells overturned conventional thinking and removed the ethical issues associated with the destruction of embryos.
Quandary: A Retrospective of the Stem Cell Debate
Ten years ago embryonic stem cells were set to transform medicine. Ethics took a back seat to science, but the cures never came.
Up Close: Cell Sell: The ethics of the transnational human tissue market
Stem cell expert Megan Munsie and bioethicist Dominique Martin discuss medical tourism and the hidden transnational trade in transplant organs and stem cells, considering their ethics, legislative implications and what the future might hold.
Up Close: Brain in a Dish: the therapeutic potential of stem cells and organoids
Epilepsy researcher Steve Petrou and developmental neuroscientist Miranda Dottori discuss the potential of organoids, miniature immature organs grown in dishes, particularly for future epilepsy and autism research.
Online Feature: Stem cell research reveals clues to brain disease
The development of new drugs for improving treatment of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease is a step closer after recent research into how stem cells migrate and form circuits in the brain.
Online Feature: Regenerating body parts: how we can transform fat cells into stem cells to repair spinal disc injuries Browse: Stem cells restore bones damaged by osteoporosis