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Articles related to statistics

Browse: Rangers Turn to Maths to Scramble Animal Poachers
Environmental scientists have developed a low-cost way to save rare animals and plants from poachers and plunderers – using maths.
Browse: Scientists Unknowingly Tweak Experiments
conSCIENCE: How Significant Is P?
Questions over the significance of P values requires the adoption of a new and transparent approach to validating research data.
Cool Careers: Is it possible to add statistics to science? You can count on it
The 2013 winner of the Prime Minister’s Prize for Science, Terry Speed, reflects on the factors that influenced his career.
Naked Skeptic: Counting the Opinions
The same-sex marriage survey repeats the statistical mistakes of most opinion polls.
Online Feature: Fighting cancer by the numbers
Terry Speed doesn’t expect to see headlines reading “Statistician cures cancer” any time soon. But he knows that the right mathematics and statistics can help researchers understand the underlying causes of cancer and reduce the need for surgery.