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Feature: Cobalt Blues
The spring racing carnival commences this month, but behind the glitz and glamour is a bitter legal case as horse trainers appeal bans for allegedly doping their horses. Dave Sammut examines the effects of cobalt and the science underpinning allowable thresholds.
Feature: The Doping Age
A new study finds that doping in sport has spread to Australian athletes as young as 12 years of age.
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Changing your running technique might not offer performance and injury avoidance benefits.
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Feature: Keeping Up with the Kids
Children seem to be able to play for hours without tiring. Only now are we beginning to understand the physiological reasons why.
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Feature: A Gene for Speed
A gene that may have enabled ancient humans to spread to colder climates may also be the difference between power athletes and the rest of us, and play a role in muscle diseases.
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Up Close: Peak performance: Should elite athletes train at high altitudes?
Exercise physiologist Prof Jerome Dempsey discusses how the human body responds to lower oxygen concentrations at high altitudes and whether elite athletes really benefit from training under such conditions.
Online Feature: Scientists model 'extraordinary' performance of Bolt
Mathematical model accurately depicts the extraordinary feats of Usain Bolt during his 100 metre world record sprint.