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Altitude training
Feature: From the Mountain to the MCG
As the AFL season builds towards the Grand Final this month, Blake McLean outlines the performance enhancements Collingwood players gained by training at altitude last summer.
Feature: The Doping Age
A new study finds that doping in sport has spread to Australian athletes as young as 12 years of age.
Browse: Rugby Impacts Likened to Serious Trauma Browse: Locker Room Anxiety
Men who are bothered about the size of their muscles, or their penises, are more anxious in the locker room than the bedroom, a Victoria University study has found.
Usian Bolt
Feature: Tendon Injury Rehabilitation Under Review
A review finds poor evidence for a common rehabilitation intervention used by physiotherapists to treat tendon injuries.
Illustration: Elia Pirtle
Feature: The Physics of Hamstring Injuries
A spring-mass “hamspring” system explains why one particular muscle in the hamstring group is so prone to injury in sprinting sports.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Feature: A Gene for Speed
A gene that may have enabled ancient humans to spread to colder climates may also be the difference between power athletes and the rest of us, and play a role in muscle diseases.
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Browse: Viewing the Adelaide Ashes test through rose-tinted glasses The Fit: We Built It: They Didn’t Come
A global report gives a gold medal to Australia’s community sporting facilities yet finds that our kids are the second-least active in the world.
The Fit: Go Hard or Go Home
Is high intensity interval training the latest exercise fad or is there a physiological basis to it?
The Fit: Why Are Sporting Records Always Being Broken?
Better technology, training methods and financial rewards only partly explain why athletes continue to get faster and stronger.
Neuropsy: The Head Coach
New guidelines aim to reduce the risk of cognitive impairment from concussion in sport.
Quandary: Should Olympic athletes be allowed to use performance-enhancing drugs?
Some bioethicists are arguing that athletes should be allowed to take performance-enhancing drugs.
Quandary: Boosting Performance at the Paralympics
Up to one-third of Paralympians in London may have harmed themselves to boost blood flow.
Online Feature: Helmets won't cure football's concussion headache
There is currently no evidence to show that helmets prevent concussion or more serious head injury in sports like AFL and rugby.
Online Feature: Beware the hype – springy soles won’t make you run much faster Browse: Alcohol Sponsorship Increases Binge Drinking by Athletes