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Articles related to solar energy

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Browse: 3D Layering Puts Solar on Track
Solar panels structured like a chessboard, where the white squares are slightly raised compared with the black squares, could reduce the cost of tracking the sun, helping to spread energy generation more evenly throughout the day.
Browse: Tuk Tuks Powered by the Sun
An Australian inventor has produced a series of solar-powered vehicles that he hopes will take the developing world by storm. The first models are already for sale, and mass production will begin in March 2014.
Browse: Solar for the Outback
Modest-sized solar thermal plants could save almost $1 billion in investment that is otherwise required to upgrade electricity transmission to regional towns, with major reductions in carbon emissions a bonus.
Browse: Supercapacitor in Body Panels Boost Power in Electric Cars
Feature: Windows Can Power City Skyscrapers
City skyscrapers could soon be powered by windows that deflect infrared light passing through them to solar panels.
Browse: Silicon Defects Corrected
A method for correcting defects in low-grade silicon could boost the efficiency of commercial photovoltaic panels by 10% in a few years time, further improving solar power’s competitiveness.
Browse: World Record for Solar Energy Efficiency Browse: Sticky Tape the Key to Ultrathin Solar Cells
Browse: Solar Breakthrough Drives Air-Con Efficiency Directions: Retaining the Lead in Solar Cell Technology
Australia must embrace change to realise its advantage in solar photovoltaics.
Eco Logic: South Australia Doubles Down on Solar Energy
A South Australian election promise to install solar panels and batteries in 50,000 homes has placed the Prime Minister in an awkward position.
Lowe Tech: A Great Leap Backwards
Queensland’s new government has reduced support for solar energy and resolved to ban the teaching of climate science in schools.
Lowe Tech: The Electric Vehicle Challenge
Installations of solar and wind energy will need to maintain their pace to ensure that the coming demand for electric vehicles won’t be powered by fossil fuels.
Simon Says: Solar Blockout
Governments have won big headlines for big money allocated to big solar projects – but kept the money.
Up Close: Watts fit to print: Developing flexible, organic solar cells
Polymer chemist Dr David Jones and materials scientist Dr Scott Watkins discuss the latest in flexible electronics -- the printable organic solar cell.