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Are we getting less sleep than we did in the past? And how much do we really need?
Neuropsy: To Sleep, Perchance to Clean the Brain
The restorative function of a night’s sleep may result from elimination of the day’s neurotoxins.
Neuropsy: The Crimes of Sleepwalkers
Sleep experts and lawyers are wrestling over the criminal responsibility of sleepers.
Neuropsy: Things that Go Bang in the Night
Exploding head syndrome, which results from neurological dysfunction during the sleep–wake transition, may be more widespread than realised.
Neuropsy: The Sleep Switch
Researchers have located a brain circuit that regulates sleep and wakefulness.
Neuropsy: Rise and Shine, Soldier!
Army research suggests that the timing of your caffeine hit is more important than the amount consumed.
Neuropsy: To Sleep, Perchance to Learn
New research finds that we can learn while we’re asleep under certain conditions.
Online Feature: Nightmares and night terrors in kids: when do they stop being normal? Feature: How half our brain keeps watch when we sleep in unfamiliar places
Poor sleep in an unfamiliar setting may be linked to an important function of the brain to protect the sleeper from potential danger.