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Articles related to sharks

Browse: Tiger Shark Monogamy Fuels Sustainability Risk
Feature: The Social Lives of Sharks
Tracking technology reveals that Port Jackson sharks have buddies of similar age and gender, and can navigate across Bass Strait to the same breeding grounds.
Browse: Shark Declines Can Lead to Fish with Smaller Eyes and Tails Browse: Shark Deterrents Rated
Browse: Sharks More Abundant on Healthy Coral Reefs conSCIENCE: Whales and Sharks Must Be Protected from Global Shipping
Road ecology is being applied to shipping routes to stop marine giants from becoming “roadkill”.
Online Feature: Next generation of pharmaceuticals might make good use of shark antibody proteins
International collaboration evaluates new antibody technology
Online Feature: Catch of the day in Borneo uncovers new species
Scientists have travelled to Borneo to study parasites infecting sharks and stingrays. The study has led to the discovery of many new species, and the data has been used to help Australian aquaria control the spread of parasite infections in the sharks and stingrays they have on display.
Online Feature: How to prevent shark attacks
Are shark attacks on the rise, and what can you do to minimise your risk this summer?
Browse: Shark Bite-Off Rates Revealed at Ningaloo Reef
Credit: Andrew Fox / Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions
Feature: Personal Deterrents Can Reduce the Risk of Shark Bites
A study tests how effectively commercial shark deterrents reduce the risk of shark bites.