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Feature: Like, Comment, Share: Should You Share Your Genetic Data Online?
The culture of sharing our private details online is extending to health and ancestry data generated by genome testing. What are the benefits and what are the risks?
social media
Feature: What Happened to Privacy?
What we search, browse, like, friend, tag, tweet and buy enables Big Data to automatically work out what we’re doing, when, where and with whom. Is privacy already dead, and should we care?
Browse: Foul Tweets Mapped
Feature: Why Personal Data Breaches Are a Growing Problem
While most people whose online data have been compromised report little or no financial consequences, the overall cost runs into trillions of dollars even before the loss of trust in e-commerce is factored in.
Feature: A Social Approach to Crime Prediction
Computers can be trained to analyse location information generated by social media users to predict the likely time and place of specific crimes.
Feature: Top 10 Science Stories of 2014
A recap of the top science stories in 2014, from Ebola's spread and a Facebook experiment that wasn't "liked" to the discovery of Richard III's remains and the world's largest dinosaur.
conSCIENCE: Bursting the News Filter Bubble
Online technologies can create echo chambers that reinforce our world views, but does this necessarily mean we need to open ourselves up to alternative facts?
The Bitter Pill: Science Advocacy and Social Media
The ever-changing media landscape is continuing to affect the role of science communication. How can scientists and medical practitioners be expected to respond to social media?
Eureka!: Strange experiments and research findings
Facebook Boosting Grey Matter
Eureka!: An App Knows You Better than Your Real Life Friends
Facebook “likes” can profile your personality more accurately than your friends and co-workers.
The Fit: The Language of Disease
What if doctors could diagnose disease by what you wrote on Facebook and Twitter?
Naked Skeptic: Hold the Front Page!
The loss of specialist reporters in the clickbait era of journalism matters more for science than other rounds.
Simon Says: Terrorism and the Sharing Economy
Whether new technologies are applied for good or ill, they encounter evolutionary pressure to fit in to the environments they inhabit.
Up Close: Mind shift: How always-on digital technologies are changing our brains
Neuroscientist Prof Baroness Susan Greenfield examines the scientific bases of how constantly-on digital environments may bring about changes in our brains.
Online Feature: Social Media Tracks Disease Epidemic More Effectively
New Study on Cholera in Haiti Demonstrates for First Time Tweets, Blogs and News Feeds Can Track a Disease Epidemic in Disaster Setting More Rapidly than Traditional Methods
Online Feature: Peer-reviewed science takes off on Twitter
But who is tweeting what and why?