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Articles related to religion

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Cover Story: Creationism Evolves
It’s 10 years since US legislation drafted to stop the teaching of “intelligent design” was ruled unconstitutional, yet anti-evolution legislation continues to replicate and “evolve” across the USA.
Browse: Human Sacrifices Maintained Social Power Structures
conSCIENCE: Can Science and Religion Be Friends?
Some scientists would prefer religion to become extinct but it defiantly prospers – peaceful co-existence is the enduring paradigm.
Naked Skeptic: My Patience Is Tried
Scientists and skeptics look for evidence and change their minds when evidence requires it. For some people, however, no evidence is enough, no matter how clear.
Naked Skeptic: When Religion and Medicine Disagree
Should doctors be able to overrule parents who refuse life-saving treatments for their children due to religious beliefs?
Naked Skeptic: Fides et Ratio – Faith and Reason
Are reports of a negative correlation between intelligence and religious belief a tabloid beat-up?
Neuropsy: Jesus on Toast
The human disposition to find meaning in random data is hard-wired in the brain.