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Michio Kaku
Feature: Big Bang Theory
String theory inventor Michio Kaku talks to Australasian Science about the recent discovery of gravitational waves, the search for parallel universes and a unified theory of everything.
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Browse: Einstein’s “Spooky” Theory May Enhance Internet Security
Einstein’s scepticism about quantum mechanics may lead to an ultra-secure internet, according to a paper published in Physical Review Letters.
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Illustration: Elia Pirtle
Feature: The Physics of Hamstring Injuries
A spring-mass “hamspring” system explains why one particular muscle in the hamstring group is so prone to injury in sprinting sports.
A lake in the moraine wall of Jichu Drake glacial lake.
Feature: How Yak Farmers Can Hold Back a Glacial Tsunami
As Himalayan glaciers melt, the natural dams formed beneath them become a dangerous threat to villages below. However, local yak farmers could soon have a simple solution.
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Browse: Molecules Controlled with a Wave
Computer games now often rely on gesture control rather than mice, touchpads or joysticks. Now biologists and chemists can rotate 3D representations of molecules or zoom in and out using gestures or voice recognition, thanks to a project at CSIRO and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.
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Browse: Fish Migration Can Push the Boundary Layer Naked Skeptic: But Is It Science?
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, but that’s not always possible with science.
Up Close: Refracted brilliance: How nature’s structures produce colour
Physicist Professor Ullrich Steiner explains how nature generates vibrant colors, as seen in many butterflies and beetles, through the structure of materials, and how these properties can be usefully reproduced.
Up Close: Curve your expectations: Observing planets and galaxies with the help of gravity
Cosmologist Dr Bart Pindor explains gravitational lensing, in which the curvature of space by gravity allows us to investigate galaxies and other astral bodies.
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