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Credit: CDC/Cynthia Goldsmith
Feature: Australia’s Ebola Risk
Improving outbreak control in West Africa resulted in reduced risk to Australia.
Browse: Disease Outbreaks Identified with Google
Infectious disease outbreaks can be detected 2 weeks earlier by tracking internet searches, a review in Lancet Infectious Diseases has confirmed.
Credit: Gino Santa Maria
Cover Story: Predicting Pandemics
Which factors determine whether an emerging virus is likely to burn out or spread like wildfire between people?
Expert Opinion: Novel Coronavirus Outbreak
A new coronavirus – from the same group of viruses responsible for the 2003 outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) – has been identified as the cause of an increasing number of illnesses and deaths in several countries.
Expert Opinion: Effectiveness of Flu Drug Questioned
A Cochrane review of the effectiveness and side-effects of the drug Tamiflu raises critical questions around the future of government stockpiling of such drugs for use in an influenza pandemic.
Up Close: Silent killer: Coming to grips with an emerging epidemic of viral hepatitis
Infectious diseases expert and epidemiologist Dr Ben Cowie explains why viral hepatitis is fast becoming a hidden epidemic with significant public health consequences. Most people with chronic hepatitis types B and C aren't even aware they have the diseases as they show no obvious symptoms or signs, yet they risk severe illness or liver damage. So how is the global health community targeting hepatitis, and how to grow awareness in a largely unsuspecting public?
Online Feature: Rare Occurrence of Humans Harboring Two Flu Strains Simultaneously in Global Flu Hot-Spot
While dual infections in Cambodia did not produce new strain, study cites need for continuous tracking against risk of different influenza viruses combining to create a new pandemic.
Online Feature: First estimate of total viruses in mammals
Scientists estimate there are at least 320,000 mammalian viruses, and identifying them could help mitigate disease outbreaks for a fraction of the economic impact of a major pandemic like SARS.
Online Feature: Ancient viruses sound scary, but there's no need to panic
Can ancient human viruses uncovered by drilling in permafrost cause a modern pandemic?
Online Feature: Fast-tracking access to experimental Ebola drugs
Several therapeutic treatments are in experimental phases of testing and show great promise in treating Ebola virus infections in animal models.