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Browse: Immune Response Triggers Side-Effects to Common Drugs Browse: Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis Has Created an Artificial Epidemic
Credit: Caleb Dawson
Feature: The Art of Science
The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute has created an exhibition of gorgeous images revealing biological processes such as breast and lung cancer, blood vessel development and embryogenesis.
Credit: 1JPAU © Commonwealth of Australia
Cover Story: Saving Lives on the Battlefield
Treatments that stem blood loss after a catastrophic injury in the battlefield can damage the brain. However, a new drug strategy aims to stabilise both in the first crucial 10 minutes.
Feature: More Alternative Career Options for Scientists
A research career doesn’t suit everybody, but the skill sets of scientists can lead to rewarding careers beyond academia, such as in sales and business management.
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Browse: Nerveless Blood Pressure Control
An old method for controlling blood pressure has finally come of age thanks to more refined surgical techniques, according to research published in The Lancet.
Browse: Longer-lasting Drugs Are Persisting in Water Supplies
conSCIENCE: Stem Cell Loophole Must Be Closed
Unproven stem cell treatments are being offered in Australia without regulatory oversight.
The Bitter Pill: Is Evidence-based Medicine in Palliative Care Doing More Harm than Good?
Stringent regulations govern what is administered to us in the prime of our lives, but different values seem to apply when it comes to the terminally ill and the dying.
The Bitter Pill: Anti-Vaccination and CAM Reflect a Common Worldview
A study has explored the psychosocial factors driving anti-vaccination attitudes.
The Bitter Pill: Follow the Money
The Chinese government is behind efforts to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine despite its lack of evidence.
Neuropsy: Science and Pseudoscience in Mental Health
A new book explores the range and popularity of unproven therapies for psychological disorders.
Quandary: Third World Bioethics
Poverty overcomes informed consent in India, where nearly 2900 people died in India during clinical trials of drugs between 2005 and 2012.
Quandary: The Unspoken Limits of Liquid Biopsies
Liquid biopsies promise early detection of cancer, but some of their current limitations risk being overlooked.
Up Close: Fur and against: Scrutinizing the efficacy of animal testing and its alternatives
Toxicologist and pharmacologist Prof Thomas Hartung explains why animal testing is often unnecessary or of questionable efficacy. He discusses the emerging protocols and technologies that enable development of safe products without the need to conduct animal testing. Presented by Dr Dyani Lewis.
Up Close: MRI: Window into the brain
Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, has revolutionized modern medicine, allowing us to see detailed structure of the human brain. PhD students Charles Malpas and Bernd Merkel discuss their research into applying MRI as a tool to investigate diseased and healthy brains to help fine tune our understanding of how the brain works.