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Browse: New Life for Old Malaria Drug
Chloroquine could be given a new lease of life as an anti-malarial treatment simply by being administered differently.
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Browse: Malaria Gene Targets Lit Up
Credit: Paula Bronstein / iStockphoto
Feature: New Life for Ancient Malaria Remedy
The parasite responsible for malaria is developing resistance to a frontline drug that was first used in China more than 2000 years ago. By determining how artemisinin works, scientists may have just opened a new battlefront in the war against malaria.
Feature: Malaria Drugs Offer New Herbicide Targets
A relic chloroplast in the malaria parasite opens the prospect of developing a new generation of herbicides from anti-malaria drugs.
Browse: Malaria Rates Defy Global Warming Fears
Malaria rates are falling even though warming trends are more extending the range of mosquitoes.
Browse: Double-take on Malaria Deaths
The battle against malaria has gained a whole new urgency following an estimate published in The Lancet that it kills almost twice as many people as previously recognised.
Browse: New Treatment for Cerebral Malaria
A new class of anti-inflammatory drugs has saved mice infected with cerebral malaria, offering hope for patients who have been failed by existing lines of defence.
Browse: Resistance Turned Against Mozzie Diseases
Insecticide resistance has allowed diseases like malaria and dengue to kill millions, but its introduction could prove the key to their defeat according to Prof Ary Hoffman of the University of Melbourne’s Department of Genetics.
Browse: Malaria Vaccine Trials Funded
Funding has been received for trials of an all-Australian malaria vaccine using a different strategy to previous unsuccessful trials.
Browse: Breath Test Developed for Malaria Browse: 3D Protein Map Offers New Malaria Vaccine Hope
Expert Opinion: Mozzies Knocked out with Gene Drive
Researchers say they've successfully used a CRISPR-based gene drive to cause the collapse of a population of caged malaria-carrying mosquitoes by targeting a gene that determines whether an individual mosquito develops as a male or a female.