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Browse: A Diabetes Treatment from Snail Venom
Insulin injection
Feature: Artificial Pancreas Reduces Highs & Hypos
Researchers hope that within 3 years new insulin pump software may be available to replace the functions of pancreatic beta-cells lost in Type 1 diabetes.
pancreatic stem cells
Feature: Adult Stem Cells Offer New Hope for Diabetics
The transplantation of insulin-producing cells has been limited by a shortage of donor tissue. Could pancreatic stem cells offer a way forward for the treatment of diabetes?
Feature: Platypus Venom Spurs Diabetes Treatment
Radical evolutionary changes in a hormone involved in glucose control might lead to a new treatment for type 2 diabetes derived from platypus venom.
Online Feature: Is the end to diabetic injections in sight?
Nasal gel reduces blood glucose levels.