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Browse: Oldest Fossils Prove that Life Thrived on Young Earth Browse: Supernovae Dust on Ocean Floor
Feature: Volcanoes Sheltered Life through Ice Ages
Researchers studying the diversity of life in Antarctica have found surprising evidence that many plants and animals survived past ice ages by huddling close to warm volcanoes.
Browse: The First Australians Were Among the World’s First Artists
Browse: Penguins Evolved After Islands Formed
Credit: Mopic
Feature: Welcome to the Anthropocene
Say goodbye to the Holocene. Later this year a new epoch might be formally recognised.
Feature: The Immediate Risks of Gas Production to Water Resources
Public concerns about unconventional gas production focus on contamination of aquifers deep below the surface, yet the most immediate risk to water resources is right before our eyes.
The sap exuding from Pycnandra acuminata in New Caledonia
Feature: Heavy Metal Farming
Special plants called hyperaccumulators can extract valuable metals from mineralised soils, yielding metallic crops that are more valuable than food grown in soils that are unsuitable for normal agriculture.
Feature: Gassy Continents Balance the Carbon Budget
Carbon accumulated in the Earth’s upper mantle over billions of years may be 130 times more significant in controlling the climate than previously thought.
Feature: Mountains Drove Bursts of Evolution and Extinction
Bursts of evolution and mass extinction events coincide with mountain-building events that have influenced nutrient levels in the oceans.
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Browse: Underground WASPS to Save Miners’ Lives
Underground wireless tracking technology could assist the rescue of trapped miners after disasters, and may also increase productivity when things are going well.
Browse: Martian Mineral Linked to Microbial Life on Earth Browse: Oldest Fossils Were Merely Minerals
Browse: Tasmania’s North American Ancestry Browse: Oxygen Surprise in Earth’s Ancient Atmosphere
conSCIENCE: Best Practice Science Is Open and Transparent
Geoscience Australia’s Chief Scientist outlines the philosophy behind the organisation’s newly stated science principles.
Fossil File: Explorer’s Tragic Burden Transformed Geology
Scott’s tragic Antarctic expedition sowed the first seeds of Gondwana.
Naked Skeptic: Darwin’s Aussie Epiphany
Long before he struck upon his theory of natural selection, Charles Darwin experienced a revelation while exploring the Blue Mountains.
Out of this World: Regional Processes Led to Huge Martian Floods
Regional processes led to huge Martian floods, and interstellar seeds could have created oases of life throughout the universe.
Browse: Asteroid Strikes Created Earth’s Oldest Surviving Rocks