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A fully armed MQ-9 Reaper drone
Feature: Remote Weapons: Ethics from a Distance
Are military drones that launch lethal attacks by remote control of any more concern than traditional warfare capabilities?
Cover Story: Will Enhanced Soldiers Fight a Just War?
Technologies may be able to enhance a soldier’s strength, endurance, stress tolerance and cognitive ability, but could they reduce their moral capacity to follow the laws of armed conflict?
Cover Story: The Moral Machine
How can we program autonomous vehicles to make life-or-death decisions when our own moral values vary according to factors such as age, gender, socioeconomic status and culture?
Feature: Cyberwarfare: How the Digital Revolution Can Change the Rules of Engagement
When does a cyberattack become an act of war, and how can governments protect its citizens from cyberattacks on civil infrastructure that is also a strategic military target?
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conSCIENCE: Primate Research Issues Migrate from West to East
Primate research is shifting to China where animal welfare protocols are less rigid.
Naked Skeptic: When Religion and Medicine Disagree
Should doctors be able to overrule parents who refuse life-saving treatments for their children due to religious beliefs?
Quandary: A Hard Sell for European Scientists
A milestone case in the European Court of Justice sheds light on opposition to human embryo research.
Quandary: Is the End Coming for Embryonic Stem Cells?
Embryonic stem cell research is looking increasingly like a dead end as clinical trials are cancelled in favour of adult stem cells.
Quandary: Jagged Little Pill
If a morality pill can induce moral behaviour, what could governments do with an “immorality pill” to control its citizens, law enforcers and soldiers?
Quandary: The Dark Background to Immortal Cells
The origins of human cell lines used in some of the world’s greatest medical discoveries have been called into question.
Quandary: The Secret of Morality
Does thinking about science improve morality?
Quandary: Brain Death Doubters
Recent cases show that doctors still do not agree about when death actually happens.
Quandary: The Bio-Brick Revolution
While synthetic biology promises benefits such as glow-in-the dark trees that replace city lights, there are many more sinister applications that have many people worried.
Quandary: The Science of Persuasion
How did scientists win the public relations war to persuade British Parliament to approve the creation of three-parent babies?
Quandary: Ethical Challenges About Voluntary Assisted Dying
Much of the focus on new voluntary assisted dying laws is centred on patient autonomy, but it is only one of the four pillars. Does the legislation also satisfy the other three tenets of beneficence, non-maleficence and justice?
Up Close: Fur and against: Scrutinizing the efficacy of animal testing and its alternatives
Toxicologist and pharmacologist Prof Thomas Hartung explains why animal testing is often unnecessary or of questionable efficacy. He discusses the emerging protocols and technologies that enable development of safe products without the need to conduct animal testing. Presented by Dr Dyani Lewis.
Up Close: Natural value: Pricing ecosystems, and its implications for conservation policy
Conservation ecologist Assoc. Prof. Brendan Wintle considers the difficult questions and dilemmas that arise in decisions around species and ecosystem conservation, and whether a monetary value can or should be applied to nature.
Up Close: Molecular gaze: How discoveries in the life sciences are changing our identities and politics
Prof. Nikolas Rose explores how scientific developments have changed conceptions of human identity and governance, and what this means for our political, socio-economic and legal futures.
Up Close: Hello, Pet! Our love can hurt our animal friends
Bioethicist Peter Sandøe discusses our complicated relationship with animals and the associated moral dilemmas, including how our love for companion animals can actually cause harm and the difference between society’s treatment of pets and production animals.
Up Front: Transplant Studies Execute “Ethics Dump”
The organs of executed Chinese prisoners have been widely used to bypass ethical guidelines restricting Western researchers.
Online Feature: IPCC: emissions cuts are about ethics as well as economics
The dramatic cuts in emissions needed to limit global warming to 2°C raise not just technical and economic challenges but also profound questions of ethics and values.