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Browse: Heat Waves Stress Sheep and Koala Fertility Browse: Indian Ocean Dipole Causes Winter Droughts
The Indian Ocean Dipole has dried southern Australia out, and we can expect more of the same according to Dr Wenju Cai of CSIRO Wealth from Oceans.
Browse: Forests Feel the Heat
A temperature increase of 1°C causes tropical rainforests to release an additional 3.5 billion tonnes of carbon during El Niño events, with worrying implications as the world warms.
Browse: Australian Volcanoes Caused First Mass Extinction
Cover Story: A Different Angle on Earth’s Climate History
Earth’s axial tilt affects our environment in many ways, but a much greater tilt in the remote geological past may have strongly influenced the planet’s climate history and the evolution of life.
Feature: A Burning Question
For thousands of years, indigenous Australians modified the landscape of the continent through regular and widespread burning of vegetation. Their use of fire was in part for hunting purposes and also for clearing pathways, for signalling other tribal groups and for promoting grass regrowth. Results from a recent climate modelling experiment suggest that these traditional burning practices may have been of sufficient magnitude to change the climate of northern Australia.
Feature: When the Ghost Gum Peels, Bull Sharks Are Fat in the River
With indigenous knowledge being lost, six Aboriginal language groups have documented up to 13 “seasons” that can be used by scientists to evaluate the impact of climate change.
Feature: Top 10 Science Stories of 2014
A recap of the top science stories in 2014, from Ebola's spread and a Facebook experiment that wasn't "liked" to the discovery of Richard III's remains and the world's largest dinosaur.
Browse: Malaria Rates Defy Global Warming Fears
Malaria rates are falling even though warming trends are more extending the range of mosquitoes.
Browse: Earth vibrations can shed light on deep ocean storm activity
Browse: Reef Survived Last Ice Age Browse: Southern Ocean’s Role in End of Last Ice Age
Lowe Tech: CSIRO Cools on Climate Science
The science of climate change might now be accepted by world governments, but it’s short-sighted of CSIRO to short-change its research capabilities in this area.
Up Close: Natural value: Pricing ecosystems, and its implications for conservation policy
Conservation ecologist Assoc. Prof. Brendan Wintle considers the difficult questions and dilemmas that arise in decisions around species and ecosystem conservation, and whether a monetary value can or should be applied to nature.
Up Close: Margaret Wertheim: Confessions of a science communicator
Celebrated science writer and author Margaret Wertheim discusses the state of science journalism and communication in a world of fragmented social and digital media, as well as her craft-based efforts to foster scientific and mathematical awareness.
Up Close: Whatever happened to the ozone hole? Lessons in timely action to avert global disaster
Atmospheric scientists Prof David Karoly and Dr Robyn Schofield discuss the hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctic, and what effect timely global action taken in 1987 seems to have had in reversing ozone degradation.
Online Feature: Climate strongly affects human conflict
The Earth's climate plays a more influential role in human affairs than previously thought – both now and in ancient times.
Online Feature: Making Martian clouds on Earth
Cloud-chamber experiments show that clouds on Mars form in much more humid conditions than clouds on Earth