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Articles related to robotics

Browse: People Prefer a Human Face for Robots
Elderly people prefer to get medical assistance from a robot that displays a human face, according to Dr Elizabeth Broadbent of the University of Auckland’s Department of Psychological Medicine.
Feature: The Wild West of Robot Law
Robots remain a law unto themselves, with legal frontiers including issues such as liability, copyright and even the taxing of robots much like the human workers they are replacing.
Browse: Robots May Need Lizard-Like Tails for Off-Road Travel
Feature: Cyborg Rights & Digital Divides
A growing number of people are implanting smart chips into their bodies. What issues do the rise of these “augmented and amplified” people raise?
Browse: Farms to Benefit from Robotics and Pest Surveillance Eureka!: Robo-Roach Rescue
A microelectronic controller could soon make cockroaches useful in dangerous search-and-rescue and reconnaissance missions.
Quandary: What If Computers Have Feelings, Too?
If software becomes intelligent, what are the ethics of creating, modifying and deleting it from our hard drives?
Up Close: Thought Controlled Futures
We talk to the people behind revolutionary technologies enabling people to control movement and manipulate objects using their thoughts alone. In particular, we take a look at the stentrode, a metal scaffold implanted in a blood vessel, that allows brain activity to be recorded and commands generated to control a full-body exoskeleton.
Up Front: AI Faces Its Manhattan Project Moment
Researchers are boycotting a major university that is opening an autonomous weapons lab in collaboration with an arms company.
Online Feature: The disruptive technologies that will shape business in the years ahead