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Photo: Guy Nolch
Feature: Why the Long Face?
The jaw strength of crocodiles can be predicted by simple linear measurements that could provide new insights into the diets of extinct marine reptiles.
Feature: The Illegal Wildlife Trade as a Source of New Alien Species
The illegal wildlife trade is increasing the likelihood that foreign reptiles will become established in the wild – with consequences for both biodiversity and human health.
Browse: New Lizard Species Discovered
Australia’s place as a centre for reptile biodiversity has been confirmed with the identification of two new species.
Browse: Private Land Is Better for Birds than Conservation Reserves
Private land can help protect Australia’s endangered bird populations as effectively as the nation’s best performing conservation reserves, according to a study published in Ecography.
T. rex
Cover Story: Were dinosaurs warm-blooded?
An analysis of muscular power reveals that cold-blooded crocodiles are poor models for our beliefs about dinosaur physiology.
Browse: Kangaroos Eating Reptiles out of House and Home
Browse: UV in Lizard’s Blue Tongue Evolved to Scare Predators