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Articles related to pseudoscience

Feature: The Psychology of Misinformation
Misinformation affects our reasoning and decision-making. Unfortunately, a number of cognitive factors limit the effectiveness of retractions and refutations, ensuring that misinformation sticks.
The Bitter Pill: Pseudoscience in Sport: If It’s Legal It Probably Doesn’t Work
Elite athletes are prime targets for emerging sham products that promise make-believe effects.
The Bitter Pill: Why People Believe Weird Things 101
A new university course is teaching students why normally sensible people believe weird things, and some of the tricks used by pseudoscientific practitioners.
Naked Skeptic: Seven Signs of a Quack
How does an expensive cancer clinic measure up against seven signs of pseudoscience?
Naked Skeptic: Keep the Eyes on the Prize
The achievements of a number of Nobel Laureates have been misappropriated by purveyors of pseudoscience.
Neuropsy: Science and Pseudoscience in Mental Health
A new book explores the range and popularity of unproven therapies for psychological disorders.
Up Close: Show me the data: Sifting pseudoscience from the real thing
In a world with a bewildering mix of fact and fiction, and in which social and mainstream media only add to the confusion, how do we separate out false or dubious claims from the well-founded and evidence-based? Research and clinical psychologist Prof Scott Lilienfeld joins science host Dr Andi Horvath to help us distinguish pseudoscience from the real thing by exploring popular myths that too often make fools of us.
Online Feature: Sex, Food and Pseudoscience
Sexcereal is a his-and-hers line of breakfast cereals that claims to boost your love life.