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Articles related to placoderm

The first act of copulation in vertebrates
Feature: A Kink in the History of Sex
The discovery of the first vertebrate to have copulated reveals not only the genesis of different male and female forms but also some surprising kinks in how sex has evolved.
Browse: Little Gap in Tooth Evolution
Teeth may have evolved earlier than previously recognised following the latest discovery from the rich Devonian fossil site at Gogo in the Kimberleys.
Browse: Ancient Fish Had Fab Abs
The development of jaws and heavy body armour in the Devonian era led to muscles in unexpected places, a remarkable fossil reveals.
Browse: Platypus-Like Fish Fossil Found at Ancient Reef Site
Fossil File: The Placoderm Renaissance
Placoderm fish were once thought to be an evolutionary dead end, but new evidence is rewriting their importance to the ancestry of all jawed animals – including humans.
Online Feature: Extraordinary 'missing link' fossil fish found in China
Discovery gives us powerful new insights about the building of the human body plan, which began seriously with these ancient fossil fishes.