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Articles related to pharmaceuticals

Feature: Future Chemistry from the Distant Past
Enzymes resurrected from the past can survive tough industrial conditions better than their modern-day counterparts, leading to safer drugs and better biofuels.
Browse: Paracetamol Overdose Explained
The association between paracetamol overdose and liver failure has been explained, accompanied by prospects for resolving the problem.
Browse: 3D-Printed Kidney Helps Drug Trials Browse: The Dangers of Slow-Release Paracetamol
Ethnic differences can have a significant impact on how people respond to drugs.
Cover Story: The Right Dose
Diet and lifestyle are rarely considered when assessing how people respond differently to drugs, yet ethnic differences in cooking styles, contraception, smoking, and caffeine and alcohol consumption can have a significant impact – especially in treatments for mental health.
Feature: Of Mice & Men
Are mouse models of immune disorders of the human gut, such as inflammatory bowel disease, reliable? And can probiotic supplements keep us healthy?
Credit: Maksym Yemelyanov/adobe
Feature: Pharmed Meds
Some clever chemistry is turning plants into pharmaceutical factories that could enable remote communities in developing countries to grow and store stable medicines cheaply.
Browse: Chemicals Undergo Toxic Inversion
Pharmaceuticals in wastewater can become converted to toxic forms.
Browse: Longer-lasting Drugs Are Persisting in Water Supplies Naked Skeptic: A Close Run Thing at the Chemist
The engagement of pharmacy and pseudoscience was broken before they could get to the altar, but it would have been a one-sided marriage anyway.
Simon Says: Our Niche Pharming Future
Australia’s biggest exporter of value-added products, the pharmaceuticals industry, is struggling to remain competitive.
Online Feature: Next generation of pharmaceuticals might make good use of shark antibody proteins
International collaboration evaluates new antibody technology