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Articles related to pesticide

Browse: Malaria Mosquitoes Sterilised by Bed Nets Browse: Biocanisters of Toxins
The discovery of the mechanism by which certain bacteria poison insects could prove invaluable for both the fight against pest species and for future medical advances.
Browse: RepellAnt in Silk
Silk produced by golden orb-weaving spiders contains ant repellent.
Expert Opinion: Genetic Sprays Use RNA Interference to Combat Pests
Monsanto is developing sprays to control weeds and insect pests by temporarily altering their genetics through RNA interference as an alternative to developing new GM crops, and could also be used to introduce traits like drought resistance.
Online Feature: Tarantula venom: a new selective, effective edible insecticide
An environmentally-friendly insecticide has been developed from the venom of a native Australian tarantula.