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Articles related to penguins

Browse: Penguins Retreat from Sea-Ice
For the first time, emperor penguins have been found nesting on ice shelves, sometimes 40 metres above the ocean rather than the much lower sea-ice they normally frequent.
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Browse: Gillnets Threaten Penguins Browse: Penguins Feed in Straight Lines
A research team at the University of Otago has discovered that the endangered and endemic yellow-eyed penguin forages in straight lines for several kilometres by following furrows in the seafloor scoured out by fishing trawlers.
Browse: Wand Cleans Oil from Penguins
Little penguins
Feature: Predator in a Penguin Suit
Miniature video cameras and GPS have given an underwater bird’s-eye view of the hunting behaviours of the world’s smallest penguin.
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