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Articles related to peer review

Browse: Scientists Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Bias
Feature: One Eye on the Future
The newly appreciated relevance of pupillary studies conducted in the 1960s provides a cautionary tale about the modern metrics used to evaluate which research projects should gain funding.
conSCIENCE: How Significant Is P?
Questions over the significance of P values requires the adoption of a new and transparent approach to validating research data.
conSCIENCE: Can Journal Publishing Be Democratised?
An experiment in academic publishing has tested journal practices and questioned whether the autocratic power of editorial boards needs to be returned to researchers.
conSCIENCE: Appropriate Behaviour?
Plagiarism by academic reviewers is hard to prove, and even harder to punish.
The Bitter Pill: What’s the Evidence?
The terms “evidence-based” and “peer-reviewed” have become touchstones for reliability, but why should the views of peers count so much and what does “evidence-based” medicine really mean?
Eco Logic: Why Publish Research?
Why publish research when what we are after is conservation outcomes? Here’s why.
Naked Skeptic: Close Enough Is Better Than Nothing
Peer review may not be perfect but it’s better than the alternative of being able to say, claim and publish anything at all.
Quandary: Cracks in the Edifice of Science
A tenfold increase in the number of retractions over the past 10 years raises questions about the infallibility of peer review of scientific research.
Up Close: Publish and perish: Science and medical researchers under pressure
Psychiatrist Joeri Tijdink discusses his research into how increasing pressures on science and medical researchers to win funding, achieve positive research results, and publish in highly esteemed journals may be linked to professional burnout and even research misconduct.
Up Front: The Real Cost of Predatory Journals
Predatory journals not only scam genuine scientists, they provide plausible citations that promote pseudoscience.
Up Front: A Sour Taste from Artificial Sweeteners
The food industry has been accused of influencing research that it sponsors.
Up Front: Gender Bias Extends to Peer Review
Gender bias in science is found not only in pay and seniority but also in the peer review process.
Up Front: Publish, Patent, Be Social or Perish
A researcher’s impact extends beyond measures of publications and citations to patents, peer review and social media influence.
Online Feature: Peer-reviewed science takes off on Twitter
But who is tweeting what and why?