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Feature: A Party Worth Remembering
Euphoric and highly addictive, a popular party drug also causes long-term memory loss.
Browse: Party Drug Lights Up Rodent Brains
The effects on rats of mephedrone, better known as the party drug meow meow, indicate that for once the hype about a drug’s addictive effects might be accurate.
Browse: An Antidote to Fantasy?
The site where the drug GHB binds to brain proteins has been identified, raising hope that an antidote may be produced against its sometimes lethal effects.
Up Close: Can't give it up: The science behind addiction and the brain
Behavioral neuroscientist Prof Andrew Lawrence discusses addictive and compulsive behaviors around drug and alcohol use, the power of psychological dependence, and how the brains of addicts differ from those of the rest of us.
Online Feature: This psychoactive drugs trip isn't working
The increasing pace and diversity of recreational drug development makes conventional approaches to drug control dangerous.