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Articles related to pain

Browse: Fish Don’t Feel Pain Like Us Browse: Chronic Pain Relief Gets Legs
A molecule in the venom of certain centipedes could be used as a powerful pain reliever without the side-effects associated with the drugs currently available.
Browse: Back Pain: The Drugs Don’t Work Browse: The Pain of Music
Orchestral musicians suffer extraordinary rates of both physical pain and mental stress in order to wring glorious sounds from their instruments.
Browse: New Painkiller from Fanged Fish’s Heroin-Like Venom Browse: The Dangers of Slow-Release Paracetamol
Browse: Painkillers Less Effective for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Cover Story: I Can Feel Your Pain
Empathy for someone else’s pain shares common characteristics with synaesthesia, a sensory condition where individuals can smell music or taste colours.
Feature: New Ways to Split a Headache
Chronic headache is poorly understood and notoriously difficult to manage, but immune-targeted medications and electrical stimulation could provide fresh insight into the root cause and treatment of this debilitating condition.
Feature: Do Fish Feel Pain?
If you want to know whether your pet goldfish can feel pain you had better look inside its head to see if it has the brains for it.
Feature: Fishy theories about pain in fish
There's more to sensory perception than the complexity of an animal's brain circuitry.
Browse: Tarantula Venom May Block Chronic Pain
Browse: Paracetamol Doesn’t Help Back Pain Browse: Morphine Doubles Duration and Severity of Pain
Eureka!: The Bee Sting Pain Index
A PhD student has subjected himself to repeated bee stings over 38 days to compare the most painful places to be stung.
Expert Opinion: Back Pain Can Be Treated with Antibiotics
New research finds that bacterial infection is the cause of 40% of chronic lower back pain.
Naked Skeptic: Magic Wands for Pain Relief
Sometimes an easy solution to pain is one of those things that looks too good to be true. And is.
Naked Skeptic: A Placebo Can Relieve a Skeptic’s Pain
Even when we are aware of it, a placebo can still produce a real effect.
Quandary: Values in Science Affect What Your Doctor Recommends
Should a GP recommend exercise to chronic pain patients when the evidence doesn't match patient experience?
Up Close: Carrots that stick: Rethinking pleasure and pain as human motivators
Social psychologist Prof E. Tory Higgins discusses his model of how humans interpret and appreciate reward and punishment, and offers unusual approaches to motivate people to action.
Online Feature: Sticks and stones: Brain releases natural painkillers during social rejection
Finding that the opioid system can act to ease social pain, not just physical pain, may aid understanding of depression and social anxiety