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Cover Story: Genomic Testing as a Lifetime Health Resource?
If lives could be saved by being “forewarned” by a genomic test, should we perform genomic testing of all babies at birth?
Browse: Breakthrough In Predicting Premature Birth
Browse: Tonsil and Adenoid Removal Resolves Sleep Apnoea Issues in Children Browse: Diet Influences Mental Health in Children
Separate studies have found a connection between diet and mental health in children.
Browse: Light Exposure Linked to Weight Gain in Children
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Feature: Radical Reasons Explain Why Smoking Harms Babies
New research has found why mothers who smoke or are exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke can cause permanent damage to the health of their babies.
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Feature: Early and Delayed Motherhood Linked to Schizophrenia Risk
A mother’s age when she gives birth is associated with her child’s likelihood of developing schizophrenia, but is this because psychosocial factors associated with the mother's age affect her child's risk, or because women with a higher genetic risk for schizophrenia are more likely to have their first child at an early or late age?
Browse: Low Blood Sugar in Newborns Linked to Later Difficulties
Browse: Antidepressants and Breastfeeding Can Mix
Women on antidepressant medication are more successful at breastfeeding their babies if they keep taking the medication, according to research presented at the 18th annual conference of the Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand.
Browse: Children Struggle to Tell When Emotions Are Faked
Feature: Breath of Life: How a Jetlag Treatment Could Prevent Permanent Newborn Brain Damage
A common jetlag treatment in a simple skin patch could be the key to improving the lives of babies all around the world.
Browse: Whooping Cough Booster Vaccines Wear Off
While whooping cough vaccine protects infants and young children, booster doses wear off quickly according to scientists from the Queensland Children’s Medical Research Institute.
Browse: Prenatal Attachment Affects a Child’s Personality Browse: How Maternal Malaria Reduces Foetal Growth
Feature: Ancient Agriculture’s Role in Maternal and Infant Mortality
Ancient human remains have revealed evidence that the adoption of agriculture led to malnutrition in a mother, her foetus and other infants.
Browse: Missing DNA Fragments Point to Child Leukaemia Relapse
Browse: Passive Smoking Ages Children’s Arteries
Exposure to passive smoking in childhood causes irreversible damage to the structure of children’s arteries, according to a study published in the European Heart Journal.
Feature: Getting to the Heart of  Size
The discovery that cardiac muscle cells can divide until adolescence opens the way to new approaches to treating heart disease.
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Feature: Bated Breath
Medical advances are enabling increasingly premature babies to survive, but the health risks they face can persist well beyond childhood. Now a clinical trial in Melbourne is testing the use of foetal stem cells to ward off chronic lung disease in premature babies.
Feature: Positive Minds Wire Our Brains for Tough Times
Positive feelings are linked to brain development in teenagers, giving neuroscientists insights into why people differ in their resilience to stress and other mental health conditions later in life.
Browse: Melatonin Warning for Children’s Sleep Browse: Fatty Maternal Diet Changes Newborn Heart’s “Taste Buds”
Browse: Small birth or stress during pregnancy increases disease risk in mothers Browse: Paternal Supplements Help Offspring Health
Browse: Newborn Thyroid Activity Linked to Academic Struggles Browse: Toy Choice Influences Child Literacy and Numeracy
Browse: Anti-Epileptic Drugs Increase Bone Fracture Risk in Children Cool Careers: Early Autism Diagnosis
Josie Barbaro has pioneered a new method of autism diagnosis, and many children are already reaping the benefits.
The Fit: Belief Beyond Evidence, Evidence Beyond Belief
Will the childhood obesity epidemic condemn young people to a shorter lifespan than their parents?
Naked Skeptic: School Daze
Is there any science behind the theory that a child’s visual, auditory or kinesthetic learning style should determine how they’re taught?
Neuropsy: Childhood Trauma and the Developing Brain
A new study has identified the neurological basis for why some adolescents who have experienced childhood trauma are resilient while others are prone to mood disorders.
Up Close: Sequencing seizures: Discovering new genetic mutations behind epilepsy
Neurologist Prof Sam Berkovic and molecular geneticist Prof David Goldstein describe their work uncovering chance mutations that cause childhood epilepsy.
Online Feature: Nightmares and night terrors in kids: when do they stop being normal? Browse: Foetal Motor Neuron Imbalance Hard-Wires Later Problems