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Browse: Corals Have the Genes to Adapt to Warmer Oceans
Feature: The Boring Billion
Trace element levels in the ocean over the past 3.5 billion years explain important evolutionary events such as the Cambrian explosion of life and a “boring” billion years when evolution stood still.
Browse: Antarctic Waters Replicating Prehistoric Sea Level Rise
Feature: The Wide Net of Seafood Slavery
Labour abuses are allowing fishing fleets to remain profitable while depleting fisheries ever-further from the coast.
Different phytoplankton species, including diatoms and algae. Image courtesy of
Feature: The Ghosts of Climate Past – and of Climate Future
Ancient plankton DNA is revealing how marine ecosystems have responded to long-lasting changes in past climate – and enabling us to predict the future.
Feature: Fool’s Gold & the Ascent of Man
Ancient samples of pyrite, or fool’s gold, have revealed the role of plate tectonics in bursts of evolution and mass extinction events. Did man ultimately originate from mega-mountains?
Browse: Sea Swell Decay Deduced by Satellite
The factors that determine the decay of ocean swells have been resolved from satellite data, allowing better forecasts of wave conditions.
Browse: Extreme Weather Dumps sub-Antarctic Kelp Rafts on New Zealand
Browse: Ocean Waves Triggering Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse Browse: Business as usual for Antarctic krill despite increasing ocean acidification
Up Close: Counting the coast: Modeling the oceans of a warming planet
Climate modeler Dr Kathy McInnes describes what mathematical modeling can tell us about the effects of rising sea levels and extreme weather events on our coastlines.
Browse: Warming Microbes May Shrink Southern Ocean Carbon Sink