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Browse: Oats Clean Nuke Contamination Expert Opinion: Nuclear Waste Sites Shortlisted
The Federal government has shortlisted six sites for a permanent National Radioactive Waste Management Facility. The site will contain Australia’s low-level radoactive waste, with the capacity to store some intermediate-level waste.
Lowe Tech: Hands Up If You Want to Store Our Nuclear Waste
The federal Government has called for volunteers to site a nuclear waste repository.
Lowe Tech: Nuclear Naïvity
Political posturing over the nuclear industry and higher education reveal scant regard for science.
Lowe Tech: Nuclear Waste Returns, But Where Will It Be Stored?
Australia’s nuclear waste is being returned from France, and New Zealand is finally reporting on the state of its environment.
Lowe Tech: Is Nuclear Waste More Valuable than Scientific Research?
The federal Budget treated science as an expense while the Royal Commission identified nuclear waste as a potential money-spinner.