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Articles related to music

Browse: Head-Banging Music Soothes the Soul Browse: The Pain of Music
Orchestral musicians suffer extraordinary rates of both physical pain and mental stress in order to wring glorious sounds from their instruments.
The enjoyment of music differs across dementia types.
Cover Story: The Language of Emotions in Music
Patients who have been diagnosed with dementia are helping scientists determine which areas in the brain are necessary for identifying emotions in music.
Cover Story: Turn Down the Volume?
Does music help or hinder our concentration and memory?
Neuropsy: The Man that Hath No Music in Himself
A study of people who don’t respond to music finds differences in the brain’s reward system.
Neuropsy: If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On
Extreme re-listening to popular songs reflects personality type.
Up Close: Music and mind: Can Mozart really sharpen your neural connections?
Cognitive psychologist Prof Glenn Schellenberg scrutinises the relationship between music and cognitive development.