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Articles related to muscle

Credit: natasnow/Adobe
Feature: Keeping Up with the Kids
Children seem to be able to play for hours without tiring. Only now are we beginning to understand the physiological reasons why.
Muscle fibre
Feature: Microdevices Muscle Up
Artificial muscles are evolving from laboratory curiosities to serious applications in surprisingly diverse areas, from cochlear implants to robotic fish.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Feature: A Gene for Speed
A gene that may have enabled ancient humans to spread to colder climates may also be the difference between power athletes and the rest of us, and play a role in muscle diseases.
Feature: Why There’s No Gain Without Pain
Most people know all too well the feeling of muscle soreness after unaccustomed exercise, but now the cell physiology of the recovery process has been explained.
Browse: Lift Less, Gain More Feature: Muscle Memory Discovery Ends “Use It or Lose It” Dogma
New research shows that extra nuclei gained during exercise persist even after a muscle shrinks from disuse, disease or ageing – and can be mobilised rapidly to facilitate bigger gains on retraining.