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Articles related to menopause

Browse: Acupuncture Evidence Misses the Point Browse: Cancer Survival Affects Menopause
Women who have survived cancer suffer more severe symptoms of menopause, but actually have better mental health than a control group of the same age according to a report in the journal Menopause.
Expert Opinion: Organic Pollutants Linked to Early Menopause
A new study has found that women who are exposed to high levels of endocrine-disrupting chemicals begin menopause 2–4 years earlier.
Quandary: Fertility on Ice
Cryopreservation and eventual transplantation of ovarian tissue may delay menopause, but what are the consequences?
Online Feature: What causes hot flushes during menopause?
Hot flushes are not 'in the head,' but new research suggests they may start there.