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Browse: Introduced Megafauna Are Rewilding Ecosystems Browse: Most Megafauna Extinctions Precede Humans
The passionate debate about the cause of the extinction of Australia’s megafauna has taken yet another turn, with the publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of a paper claiming evidence that most of the giant species were gone before the first humans arrived.
Feature: Rewilding Australia
Sometimes the best way to conserve biodiversity is to stand back and let wild animals do the hard work of ecological management.
Browse: Kangaroo-Sized Flying Turkey Once Roamed Australia
Gavin Prideaux excavating an extinct kangaroo skull from beneath the Nullarbor.
Feature: What Lies Beneath
A small pit in the ancient Nullabor woodlands proved to be a deathtrap for ancient Australian marsupials, birds, reptiles and frogs – and a treasure trove of intact skeletons for palaeontologists.
© Yukon Government, Art by George "Rinaldino" Teichmann
Feature: Frozen in Time: What Caused the Extinction of the Ice Age Megafauna?
A new study of ancient DNA preserved in permafrost has revealed that Ice Age megafauna varied considerably in their ability to survive climate change and the spread of humans.
Nimbadon skulls representing developmental ages
Feature: Ancient Swingers
Skeletons unearthed in a fossil cave in north-western Queensland reveal that 15 million years ago Australia’s ancient forest treetops were home to mobs of 70 kg wombat-like marsupials – the largest tree-dwelling marsupial herbivores to have ever lived.
Excavations at Colosseum Chamber. Credit: Gilbert Price
Feature: The Ice Age Lizards of Oz
A chance finding in a Queensland cave has revealed that giant and dangerous lizards still lived when the first humans reached Australia.
Credit: Peter Trusler
Feature: An Ancient Case of Mistaken Identity?
The megafaunal bird Genyornis was six times larger than an emu. Why, then, was its egg the same size? Or was it?
Browse: Final Megafauna Extinctions Not Climate-Related
A study of Australia’s climate and vegetation over 135,000 years has cast doubt on the possibility that the last megafauna extinctions could have been climate-related, while confirming a 20-year-old prediction about the after-effects of the final wave of extinctions.
Browse: Climate Effects on Megalakes Led to Megafauna Demise Browse: Models Predict Location of New Megafauna Fossils
Browse: Evolution Goes Back to the Drawing Board Expert Opinion: Australia's Megafauna Extinctions: Cause and Effect
Australian research has found new evidence that human hunters were primarily responsible for the disappearance of Australia’s giant vertebrates about 40,000 years ago, and concluded that the extinctions caused changes to the Australian landscape.
Fossil File: Solving the Mysteries of the Australian Megafauna
Two new papers have narrowed the date of Australia’s megafauna extinctions as well as the cause of their demise.