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Australasian Science Magazine Issue November 2010

Cover Story: The Risky Business of Being Male
Female babies are more likely to survive a stressful pregnancy.
Feature: Lizards Give Birth To Cancer Clues
A gene found in a pregnant lizard may provide important information about the origins and treatment of cancer in humans.
Feature: Head Modification Explains the Origin of the First Australians
Evidence of head shape modification among Pleistocene Australians helps refute claims of an evolutionary connection with Indonesian Homo erectus.
Feature: Sleight of Memory
Our memories can easily deceive us, for good or for ill.
Feature: Sinking Aristotle’s Sailing Octopus
By expertly manipulating air gathered from the sea surface, argonauts are able to control their buoyancy and traverse the world’s oceans at depth.
Feature: Big Floods = Big Barras
More barramundi survive to adulthood during big flood years due to increased feeding opportunities.
Bleached coral
Feature: Double Jeopardy for Corals
Not only are corals jeopardised by warmer waters but their growth is constrained as they change from heat-sensitive to heat-tolerant symbiotic algae in order to survive.
Feature: Capturing Carbon with Membranes
Membrane technologies being developed in Australia hope to cut the cost of capturing industrial emissions of carbon dioxide.
Feature: The Straw Men of Climatology
The straw man arguments of climate contrarians portray a brittle image of climatology that ignores how science produces robust knowledge by embracing and correcting errors.
conSCIENCE: Good Science Done Properly
Scientists have a social responsibility to maintain high ethical standards in their work.
Club-like roots indicate mycorrhizal infection.
Cool Careers: The Truffle Hunter
Colin Carter is putting the production of French black truffles onto a scientific footing.
Eco Logic: The News Is Not Good
This year’s global update on the state of biodiversity tells us that the world has failed to meet all of the international targets set in 2002. But is news bad enough for any country to do anything about it?
Lowe Tech: A Win for Science?
The minority government may do more for science than either of the major parties would have done with a secure majority.
Naked Skeptic: Who Has the Backbone to Stop This?
Chiropractors should not promote their services as an alternative to vaccination or treat children for conditions like autism and asthma.
Out of this World: Cosmic Cannibalism
Dave Reneke brings news from the space and astronomy communities around the world.
Quandary: The Science of Morality
A leading researcher into the biological basis of morality has been found guility of academic misconduct.
Simon Says: Clever Country Confusion
Julia Gillard’s new ministry is not a coherent platform for science-based policy.