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Australasian Science Magazine Issue May 2011

The weak have inherited the Earth.
Cover Story: The Evolution of the Inadequate Modern Male
The superior strength, endurance and eyesight of ancient humans reveals that the weak have now inherited the Earth.
iPhone apps
Feature: Smarter than Smartphones?
New technology is untangling the complex network of patents at the centre of a litigation war between smartphone companies.
Hormone-free meat
Feature: Hormones In Meat: Science or Spin?
Is the decision by supermarket giant Coles to sell only meat that is free of growth promoters based on science or just a clever marketing ploy?
The eyes convey a vast range of emotional cues.
Feature: A Blind Eye to Love
Lack of interest in holding a mother’s gaze may be an early indicator of problems to come, such as serious crime, violence and drug-taking.
Space junk
Feature: The Orbital Junkyard
Satellites are under threat from about 500,000 pieces of space junk, but new Australian technology can now track the orbit of debris as small as 1 cm to within 1 metre.
Bionic arm
Feature: Conducting Plastics for the Bionic Man
Plastics that conduct electricity could bring the bionic man from science fiction to reality.
Feature: Ice, an Asteroid Impact and the Rise of Complex Life
An asteroid impact in southern Australia is redefining the conditions that preceded the explosion of multicellular life more than 500 million years ago.
Feature: Medical Research Spared in Federal Budget
Medical research funding has been saved: now we need to spend wisely.
Feature: Undervalued, underfunded, undermined… How science fared in the Budget
Once again the Federal Budget treated science as discretional spending rather than a key to the nation's competitiveness.
Australasian Sky: The Dance of the Planets
What’s in the night sky this month?
Twitter screen
conSCIENCE: IT Savvy, But Stupid
In an age of information abundance there is a deficit of wisdom.
Cool Careers: Following the Money Trail
Astrophysics and banking have a lot more in common than you’d ever imagine.
Directions: Chief Questions for Science Advice
It’s time to review how government receives its scientific advice following the resignation of Chief Scientist Penny Sackett.
Eco Logic: A “Colombo Plan” for Biodiversity Conservation
Building an effective and self-supporting network of conservation research professionals across the region could prove to be Australia’s greatest biodiversity legacy.
Eureka!: Cologne Critical in Cricket Courtship
Dominant crickets sing to attract mates, but if they lose a battle and become subordinate they fall silent and rely on body odour.
Expert Opinion: Putting a Price on Carbon
Experts answer questions about the carbon trading scheme announced by the Australian government.
Lowe Tech: It’s Time to Gazump Fuel Guzzlers
Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world in setting fuel efficiency targets for new cars.
Naked Skeptic: Confirmation Bias, Denialism and Morton’s Demon
Science is a search for truth, but three filters can prevent the truth from being recognised.
Out of this World: All Aboard the Space Elevator
Dave Reneke brings news from the space and astronomy communities around the world.
Quandary: Medical Ethics in the Battlefield
War turns the ethics of doctors on its head.
Simon Says: Big Polluters R Us
The buck stops with “ordinary taxpayers” when it comes to paying for carbon emissions.
Chemical Solutions: Australian Chemists Make an Impact
Australians have featured prominently in lists identifying the most cited chemists of the past decade.
Online Feature: Budget: Did universities get their fair share?
Stronger higher education spending will help Australia become a ‘clever country’.