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Australasian Science Magazine Issue July and August 2011

The invasive nature of embryo retrieval has necessitated the use of a mammalian
Cover Story: The Mouse Is Not Enough
Fundamental differences in embryonic development mean that research using mice may not be reliably applied to other mammals, and that cattle embryos may be a better model for stem cell studies in humans.
Two tugboats pull the Perdido spar from Texas shore to Alaminos canyon, where it
Feature: Rig Recycling
Some 6500 oil rigs are due for decommissioning by 2025 at a cost of $100 billion. Would they be more useful as artificial reefs?
Feature: Droughts? Floods? Or Will We Run Out of Fuel First?
Does the impending arrival of “peak carbon” mean that alarming climate change scenarios need to be revised downwards?
Studies of women scientists show that many consider their workplace to have an u
Feature: Gender Barriers In Science
Australia is losing a huge proportion of potential scientists as women drop out of science at a disturbingly high rate.
Cathy Foley is  President of the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technol
Feature: First Ladies of Science
Australasian Science profiles 12 women who have made outstanding contributions to science and technology in Australia. What are the secrets to their success, and what barriers did they have to overcome?
Mother and foetus
Feature: Baby Blues
A mother’s immune response to influenza and other infections during pregnancy increases the risk of schizophrenia in her unborn child.
Paediatric patients form a significant part of chiropractic care.
Feature: Chiro for Kids?
Why is a university running a paediatric chiropractic clinic that targets the vulnerable parents of sick children?
Feature: The Big Twist
Fossil magnetic needles in ancient Australian rocks have revealed that the continent underwent a 40° twist that split apart its most famous mineral provinces.
Australasian Sky: Skygazing in July
Your guide to the night sky this month.
Australasian Sky: Stargazing in August
Your guide to the night sky this month.
conSCIENCE: Death in the Hive
Almost 5 years since colony collapse was identified, the science tells us there is neither a single cause nor a single solution.
Krystal Evans at the Discoveries Need Dollars rally in Melbourne.
Cool Careers: A Warrior for Science
Krystal Evans took time from her own research to help save funding for medical science.
Directions: Saving the Australian Synchrotron
The possibility that political wrangling could lead to the closure of the Australian Synchrotron is almost beyond comprehension.
Eco Logic: Does Recovery Planning Benefit Threatened Species?
A new analysis suggests that recovery plans for threatened species need to be significantly improved if they are to make a difference.
Eureka!: Why We Love Trashy Gossip
Our visual system is hard-wired to pay attention to people we’ve heard bad things about.
Lowe Tech: Tassie Logging Agreement Toppled?
Logging is continuing in Tasmanian forests of high conservation value months after an agreed deadline to cease logging has passed.
Child with mobile phone
Naked Skeptic: Are Invisible Rays Frying Your Brain?
What are the dangers, if any, from radiation emitted by mobile phones, microwaves, power lines, WiFi and Bluetooth.
Out of this World: Orphaned Planets Roam Free
David Reneke brings news from the space and astronomy communities around the world.
Quandary: Stem Cell Battles Are Far From Over
Induced pluripotent stem cells are not the ethical breakthrough they were initially thought to be.
Simon Says: What Science Chiefly Needs
Australia’s new Chief Scientist could be as good as the first.
Chemical Solutions: Women in Chemistry: Then and Now
Women have come a long way in chemistry since Marie Curie won her Nobel Prize 100 years ago.