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A Chroococcidiopsis colony containing both normal and “far-red” photosynthetic c
Cover Story: Extreme Photosynthesis: How Life on Earth Could Survive on Mars
The discovery of a new form of photosynthesis extends the limits where life can survive on Earth, and might provide a first step to terraforming Mars.
Cover Story: Cosmic Hotspots for Life
New evidence reveals that large meteorite impacts took long enough to cool for microbial life to emerge and thrive in the wet and warm conditions of the impact crater.
Credit: agsandrew/iStockphoto
Feature: A Catalyst for Life
A chemical found in hair bleach may have catalysed life, and can even explain why new life is no longer being created from non-living building blocks on modern Earth.
Feature: Volcanoes Sheltered Life through Ice Ages
Researchers studying the diversity of life in Antarctica have found surprising evidence that many plants and animals survived past ice ages by huddling close to warm volcanoes.
Feature: Where to look for life on the red planet
By determining the minimum criteria for life, researchers have narrowed down the locations where life may lurk on Mars.
Curiosity using its Chemistry and Camera instrument
Feature: Life Beneath Mars
The continual discovery of water on other planets raises the hope that now is our time to find life beyond Earth.
Browse: Martian Mineral Linked to Microbial Life on Earth Out of this World: Probing Stellar Nurseries
David Reneke’s wrap-up of space and astronomy news.
Quandary: Brain Death Doubters
Recent cases show that doctors still do not agree about when death actually happens.
Online Feature: Just out of Curiosity, did life on Earth come from Mars?
In an announcement on 3 December 2012, NASA poured cold water on rumours that its Curiosity rover had found life on Mars.
Online Feature: NASA's Curiosity shows there's more to life than life
The Curiosity rover has landed on Mars, driven around, and started reporting integrated science results.