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Credit: alexovicsattila/iStock
Feature: Big Data for Big Astronomy
The Square Kilometre Array will generate huge amounts of data. Can computing capacity keep up?
Browse: Girl Shortage in IT Jobs
Directions: Boosting Our Innovation Dividend
It’s time for urgent action to drive productivity and prosperity.
Eureka!: Like OMG!!! Texting Isn’t Ruining Grammar
The use of text slang does not correlate with bad grammar and spelling in young people.
Lowe Tech: What We Learned in the Election Campaign
The election revealed a bipartisan lack of understanding of the role of science in innovation and of the coal industry in the fate of the Great Barrier Reef.
Simon Says: Rebooting Computing at School
We can devote more early-stage teaching effort to computing but will Aussie kids click onto it?
Up Close: How green is your cloud?: The energy we consume by staying connected
Telecommunications expert Dr Kerry Hinton explains how the growth in consumer and business cloud computing, and the mobile and wireless technologies that support it, is driving massive increases in power consumption.
Up Close: The social life of algorithms: Shaping, and being shaped by, our world
Informatics researcher Professor Paul Dourish explains how algorithms, as more than mere technical objects, guide our social lives and organization, and are themselves evolving products of human social actions.
Odd Spot: Text messages help HIV patients stick to antiretroviral drug therapy
Patients less likely to miss doses if they were sent weekly mobile phone text message reminders.